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Workforce Development

Click here for more information on our upcoming 6th Annual Job Fair

Welcome to the Employment Outreach Website. This program was launched in 2009 to help develop and grow the economy of the greater Parsippany Area through workforce development. The Employment Outreach Program is not only designed to help with the immediate demands of our current economic landscape but also to ensure future economic success through the development of our future workforce.
For 2013, the Employment Outreach Program features numerous services for both employees and employers. Some Elements of the program are:

  • A free Job Fair for employers and candidates
  • Workforce Development newsletter, Workforce Morris
  • Scholarship and Internship Program
  • Workforce Training and Development Programs

The employee is an organization's most important asset. Without quality people, an organization will not succeed. Through the Employment Outreach Program, tools and resources are available to assist both candidates and employers in their workforce development endeavors.
2016: 6th Annual Job Fair. Event Flyer
2016: 6th Annual Job Fair: Attending Companies
2016: 6th Annual Job Fair: Radio Ad